HOODAT - An advanced, low latency trading system.

HTG Optimized Options Derivatives and Trading Platform

HOODAT is an advanced low-latency, high performance and fully automated trading system designed for the accurate and intelligent trading of futures, options, securities, and other financial instruments. The distributed architecture provides real-time pricing and risk management features to support a wide gamut of market making and taking strategies. The massively scalable design enables trading of complex strategies across multiple exchanges in a variety of products including but not limited to energy, FX, interest rates, agriculture and metals. The system's risk management tools are designed to ensure safety at pre and post trading levels. The user-friendly front-end also enables traders to view volatility curves, modify trading parameters and manage risk in a seamless way.

Our Team

HTG has created a team of seasoned, experienced developers and programmers focused on creating an exceptional proprietary trading system. The development team utilizes state of the art and innovative technology and design to meet the needs of our traders. These individuals possess complimentary talents and skills and work together as a high performance team aligned with and committed to a making HOODAT the best. The team has extensive experience in the financial industry and they are experts in designing cutting edge technology.

Technology and Support

HTG is actively involved in the research and development of the latest hardware and software in the industry resulting in innovative strategy development and cutting edge technology. HTG supplies the highest level of support and service to empower traders to adapt and succeed.


We have co-location facilities and access routes across the globe. We work with vendors and providers to ensure that hardware, software and connectivity is the very best.

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